"Summer passes away"
- Invisible One -

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I was born on the day of the summer of 1972.
For a Japanese, summer is a special thing.

Children expect that the summer vacation will come.
Moreover, ancestral soul is the mystical season which returns to spiritual home.
It is the custom inherited from ancient times.

Do you know "Spirited Away"...?
It is the title of an animation movie of Japan.
Director's name is Hayao Miyazaki. Very famous.
An original title is "SEN TO CHIHIRO NO KAMI-KAKUSHI".

a God.
In foreign countries, God is only one person. But it is different in Japan.
God of Japan is existence more familiar than overseas God.
Our God is not one person. They live in our familiar place.

Example, "Joe Satriani"... he is called "Guitar God".
When I'm poor, If my friend lends money, He is God too!
People of those who help us, and those who are kind for us,
- they are all "Gods" -
Sometimes It's a human, and Sometimes It's a Invisible one.

Misapprehension will be caused if this title is translated literally.
Perhaps, it is because it seems to be missing children.
It will be thought a gods kidnap a child.

Japanese Invisible God(not a Human) is whim.
sometimes, They are enjoy with dear child secretly.
Every children are lovely and pretty. So, God will play together.
Although a family is worried, a child spends pleasant time.
If it plays for a while, God will say "thank you, Bye :-)"
and, God sends the children home.

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In this song, I spelled summer of me.

The month when I was born.
The month when the grandfather(in-law) of me passed away,
It was my tenth birthday.
"Strange incident..." I felt.
I thought that it was a grandfather's message.
It was the message of closest God, maybe.

When summer comes, I will be reminded of various things.
because summer is a special season for me. my childhood memories...

I like a hometown called GOSEN.
Every year, I spend summer in my home.

GOSEN CITY Official website (include English page)

I will become sad if the end of summer comes.
But summer comes again next year with happiness.
maybe, Invisible one(happy thing) will come to me, that I hope.

"Summer passes away" is such meaning.
Probably, God exists near me.

Thanks a lot.

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