- Sleepless Night -

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If landmark is literally translated in Japanese,
it will be interpreted as 'riku-hyou'.
'riku-hyou' is a title of an artist's song. the artist's name is 'Guernica'.
They are the people which I love earnestly.

It became sad when I heard it first.
If 'riku-hyou' is translated literally, it will be interpreted as 'landmark'.
But I don't think so...this thought that it was "headstone" = just "tomb".
Now I Realize, it was tomb.

The lyric of 'riku-hyou' is very difficult. I couldn't understand it.
But only one was understood.
It is a song describing that Lovers loves each other, under the rotten bronze.

....They were not lovers. they were pair of animals......
Animals copulation is a very natural thing.
Although the aspect is beautiful, but it is very cruel. I think so.
Therefore I become sad.

I was sad when this song was made. Even now, I think this is sad song.
but If sad music is listened to when sad, it will be cured in why.

Mrs. Jun, Please tell me.
When you sang this song, what was imagined ?
Please tell me..... so I can't sleep tonight, either.

thanks Jun. Mr. Uheno and Mr. Ohota.
thank you for a marvelous present. too good. This is my 'riku-hyou'.

---- Guernica ----
Jun Togawa(Vocal), Kouji Uheno(Compose), Kei-ichi Ohota(Direction)

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