- Piano Piece for 4 Hands -

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When I was a child, I was always watching TV.
I liked commercials music. It was very interesting.
Probably, it was CM of alcohol.

Twins' sister was playing the piano.
The music was "An American in Paris" (G.Gershwin) surely.
so Quickly! very fast!
Twins' sister was playing the piano jaunty.
It was four-hand performance on the piano.
Those days, I couldn't play the piano.
(my elder sister was playing the Piano, easyly.....)

This music imagined and composed such a cool commercial.
~ "Piano Piece for Four Hands" ~

I'm a man from Asia.
There is such music also in China. It's so Cool and Beauty.
I imagined. sister from Asia(China) playing the piano jaunty..
so.....little Twins' sister.....
to this song, I named it "piano girl"(it's my Original title).

I have not learned a piano. But playing is possible if it is easy.
I wrote this song May 2, 2001
Although I can understand this music in my head, but I can't play that.
It was too quick, difficult and impossible to me.
I used macintosh and Logic, and recorded one hand every.

This song was made for my friend who lives in China.
The friend lives in China, it Just "A Japanese in China".
It is altogether accidental.
What a wonderful coincidence!

I can't play this 'Piano Piece' alone...
Don't someone play together?
"Give me four hands !!!!!"

thank you for listening.

~ special thanks to ~
Gershwin, sisters Labeck,
Akiko Yano(She likes Chinese music and can perform such quickly!!).
I like her too.

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